The Prosperity Coalition

The Prosperity Coalition. Un-Rig the Tax Code, Invest in Mainers

In Maine, we have a choice to make: We can continue to enrich a powerful few at the expense of everyone else, or we can fix our rigged tax code so we can fund the things that build a strong economy and thriving communities.

The Prosperity Coalition is fighting for policies to build prosperity for all Mainers — regardless of their race, ZIP code, or family income. We advocate for solutions to create a stronger, fairer economy. Those include:

  • Strategies to reduce racial inequality in Maine
  • Better funding and policies to support good schools and good jobs
  • Reducing barriers to health care for all Mainers, including seniors, people with low incomes, and those with disabilities, and bold action to address the opioid crisis
  • A modern infrastructure and reliable public services that build strong foundations for our communities
  • A fairer tax code that reduces inequality, makes the wealthiest pay their fair share, and secures the revenue necessary to fund the things that build a strong economy and thriving communities

The Coalition

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